Rick Robbins of Lexington, Virginia has been building bamboo fly rods for more than 35 years. His love affair with bamboo fly rods began in the 1960s when, as a university student, he made his first ever credit purchase - an H.L. Leonard 48 DF. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Hap Mills of Leonard inspired Rick's pursuit of cane construction and made Rick a Leonard dealer. But, it was a friendship with Tom Maxwell that began in 1971 that launched Rick as a bamboo rodbuilder. As mentor and friend until his death in 1998, Tom Maxwell has been the dominant influence on Rick's work. Rick also credits Marc Aroner's friendship and help as significantly inspiring his pursuit of quality bamboo fly rod construction.

Rick is best known for his "Little Rivers Series" of fly rods, his swelled butt compound taper construction, and the nickel silver insert that runs the length of his reelseats. The Little Rivers Series are short powerful rods designed primarily for WF 4 lines. Carrying a swelled butt, honey blonde tempering, compound tapers, mortised exotic wood reel seats with nickel silver inlay, cap and ring and identical twin tips, these rods exhibit the quick precision demanded for accurate, delicate dry fly presentation on small waters.

Each Rick Robbins fly rod is built from scratch using 1930's era professional bamboo rod machinery and tooling. The production of these rods is limited and each model may not be available in any one year. All Rick Robbins fly rods come with a cloth bag and an aluminum tube with brass ends. For more information, contact Rick Robbins at the address listed below.